Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I have things figured out here.

A minor obsession is developing... I'm starting to look at other blogger's profiles who share similar interests to me.

I recognize lots of ACEO faces. *kiss kiss*

I'm going to put in a zillion interests in my profile that are really really specific, just so I can see who else I stumble upon. That will be a hoot.

Must go to bed. Hopefully it will relieve my painter's block.

I like to use watercolor blocks to paint aceo, they are bound on all 4 sides so all I have to do is measure out 2, paint and then cut.

Nice and neat that way. I was all inspired and painted one - she's a beauty. I can't cut her out until I paint another one. Theoretically I could, but that would waste a perfectly good half piece of paper and also be admitting defeat.

Tomorrow. Must paint one eensy weensy ACEO.

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