Thursday, September 28, 2006

ACEO in the Making

This is my latest batch of ACEO. They will go on auction on Thursday evening once they are cut scanned and stamped. I figured I would explain the process that I use.

First I take a 9" x 12" Watercolour block and measure out my space. I can get 8 per sheet.

Then I draw and rework my images with pencil until the composition is satisfactory. Usually they look more or less expressive than the finished card. I find that I try to simplify once the paint is applied.

Then working all over the place I apply the largest, lightest areas, then large colour blocks (usually you can tell when I have done 8 together when there are repeated colours in different cards)

Next I go for the darker blocks and more detailed areas. I finish by doing my outlines (with a very fine brush, no markers or fine tip pens on these) and then I clean up any areas with the original colours.

I really like this latest batch. I've been really trying to push the expression vs. simplicty thing and I feel the results are starting to really show.

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