Saturday, October 07, 2006

Autumn Has Arrived

One thing I love about living near Calgary are the old neighbourhoods. There are substantial brick buildings, wooden sheds that are almost falling into ruin on the edge of trendy neighbourhoods and just peeling paint and textured patina on all sorts of stuff.

Another thing that I love are the old trees. Trees that have been planted ages ago that are now towering over everything on the street.

I was walking through Inglewood, a wonderful little hub in the downtown area and came upon this tree. The branches were just loaded with yellow leaves waiting for the first gust of wind to scatter them everywhere.

I love how the sky is so bright and the yellows are so vibrant. The background alleyway and street are covered in shadows which just makes the tree that much more important.

1 comment:

Caylynn said...

Beautiful piece. :) It cries out "autumn". :) Just lovely. :)