Monday, October 09, 2006

Blogging Chicks

I was poking around my friend Caylynn's blog (yes, if you leave a comment with a link I *will* snoop.) and noticed that she had joined Blogging Chicks.

I had never heard of a blogroll, but this seems like an interesting concept to me. Basically, it opens up a whole world of blogs that may or may not have things in common with you. I'm looking forward to checking out the bloggers.

This particular blogroll is a group of women, who have one thing in common: they love to blog. It is a diverse group of women, from all walks of life.To quote from the Blogging Chicks site:

This is a women's only blogroll. There are Christians and non-Christians on the blogroll. There are women who use profanity (but not excessively) and there are women who don't. This is a diverse group of women, intentionly so. There are no hate, spam or porn sites on the blogroll.

Anyways, if you are interested in learning more, scroll down and check out the links in my sidebar. Lots of blogs and you can also find some information if you are interested in adding your own blog to the blogroll.


Caylynn said...

Welcome to the Blogging Chicks. :)

While I'm here - a quick question. Do you do any animal portraits? I'd love some of your artwork, although I'd probably get anything shipped to my parents in Ottawa, to save on shipping costs. :)

Michelle said...

I could do an animal portrait if you supplied me with a good picture. A certain hairless kitty, perhaps?

Another thing that I could do is paint it on 140lb Watercolour paper and mail it that way.

Depending on the size, it would probably be pretty inexpensive.

owlhaven said...

Hi from a fellow blogging chick!!

Mary, mom to many