Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Christmas Came Early at My House!!!

A friend on a running forum was cleaning out her basement and thought of me when she came across some supplies she had bought for an art class she had taken a while back. Needless to say I was more than happy to hear this!

I have never actually painted with oils, I only have a vague idea where to start but I can't believe how excited I am to experiment. The time must be right for this old dog to learn some new tricks.

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Caylynn said...

Oooh - new toys! :) Very cool. :)

Talked to hubby about getting a portrait done of Whiskers, my Siamese who had to be put down Sept. 1st, and he's cool with it. :)

Anyhow, we should probably email about it - size, price, what you need from me, etc. I'll send you a PM via the running forum (to keep my email private).

Thanks for all the kind comments on my blog. :)