Thursday, October 05, 2006


This past week has brought something out in my work. I had to take a break from painting pretty things and express some of the stuff going on inside. My main point of this work is to express sadness and grace. I honestly don't really care if it sells, I posted it on ebay more to show it than anything.

This is a painting of figures heading towards a simple white church. They are dressed in black, some with white bonnets. The field is a deep vibrant red, but where the figures walk the grass is green.

There are five crosses in the church yard, some of the figures are moved to emotion as they look in that direction.

In the background you see a neat white fence and beyond that is a clear blue sky.
The compostion of this piece is unusual for my style. It is reminicent of early North American folk art and the perspective is skewed and stacked in places. The paint is applied loosely and there are thin washes of paint in the fields which add depth to the color.


BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

This is rich with humility and reverence. Thank you for a well done and thoughtful piece...

Your entire blog site is a treasure!


Patti said...

Michelle, this piece is so full of feeling!! A heartfelt response to sadness & loss.

Thankfully, yes, there is also grace... That gives us hope.