Saturday, November 04, 2006


Why so many mermaids? I've decided to try working on a few variations of one theme all at once. It is a different process for me as I usually do all sorts of things all on the same sheet. This time I thought, lets just persue the topic and see where it leads me.

I've also decided to spend longer on each piece doing some more subtle shading and backgrounds. These ones have a blue almost watercolour effect with some semi translucent purple flowers arcing around each lady of the sea.

The skin tones are subtle but there is depth. For some reason I love doing a white shoulder highlight on mermaids. I've made these girls all blonde because I never really draw blondes anymore. All of them have a garland of flowers decending from thier hair. I like how they mimic the flowers in the background.

Most of all, I'm pleased with the lines and facial details on these - I really tried to keep them thin and smooth. I don't use pen on my pieces and when you are dealing with a 2.5"x 3.5" working space, using a brush can be very difficult to control.

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Caylynn said...

The first one is my favourite, although I do like the expression on the face of the second one. :)

Lovely mermaids. :)