Sunday, December 17, 2006

Buddy Bear Invades!

My daughter's kindergarten class has a favorite bear, Buddy. He travels from household to household for one week and does all sorts of new and interesting things with each family. He writes about his weekly adventure in his journal and usually inserts some photographs and the kids draw some of thier own special moments as well.

Another cool thing about Buddy is his backpack. He tends to be given little gifts from every household and he keeps them all together for the next child to sift through. Lots of homemade clothes, little toys - even a skateboard!

Seems like Buddy wanted to learn to paint. He snuck into my art supplies while my daughter was out and did a self portrait. I think that may have to go with him in his backpack on Monday.... note the appropriately sized easel, where does this bear come up with these things?

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