Monday, January 01, 2007

Despair and Deception, Love's Ugly Little Twins

This was inspired by Nick Cave's "Let Love In"...

I tried my best to make thier dresses look like something you would wear to First Communion or a wedding. Don't ask me why, I just had to do it.

It is on auction here:


Deborah said...

Love these last couple paintings, Michelle! Nice work...your 2007 is off to a great start!

Penny Cork said...

I REALLY love this one!

Penny :)

Michelle said...

Thanks so much Deb and Penny.

I've spent a LOT of extra time on these ACEO.. part of a fresh start for the year, methinks.

artblooms studio said...

Hi Michell!
(My middle name too!)
I'm just letting you know that I added your blog link to mine. Please let me know if that is not OK.

Love your blog! And I love your style. I can spot it a mile away. You should be illustrating!

Happy painting!
Debi Hubbs

artblooms studio said...

That's Michelle. You would think I could spell my middle name! ha!