Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kalanchoe on Windowsill - Basic Layers

These canvases are WET. My client loves a deep textured look and so in order to build the image I like to play with colours settling into the grooves and just really experiment with switching the base colour (that your eye is reading) with the wash and the grooves (that totally doesn't make sense, LOL)

Anyways, after placing all my items and working out really basic colour layout with shadows I am now starting to refine the imagery. This is when I find I get glued to the painting and keep puttering - the first few layers always get soaked so much I need to do bits here and there and occupy myself with other work in the meantime.

I'm getting quite pleased with my curtains. Today I waited till the sun was directly hitting them and painted them from real life. Always such a fun challenge.

More updates to come.


Deborah said...

This is really exciting to be watching the progression of your Kalanchoe paintings! Thanks for posting them here for us to see...
They are looking fabulous!

Your pop used to bring you dot matrix printer paper home to draw on, and mine brought me huge posters and I drew all over the backs of them. Ahhhhhhh....the good old days, eh?

Ivan Chan Studio said...

This is glorious--the textures enliven the work and begs the viewer (me) to touch the painting.

I know exactly what you're talking about with the base color and washes! :) This is such a delicious painting--on its way to becoming a feast.