Sunday, January 07, 2007

Mermaid Twins

Carrying on with a theme again. I found it quite challenging to paint twins last week, I figured I would practice this skill, mermaid style. This ACEO was more complicated for a few reasons.

1. Twice as many faces, flowers and swirling locks of hair.

2. I usually do not do very much of the actual tail, I prefer to focus on the fin as the accent that says "mermaid". To complete the composition, I had to break that rule and do a little more on the sister in the front.

3. I had to paint even tinier than usual. Since we are fitting two mermaids in the frame and more of each one... something has to give. This took a while longer to figure out.

They are on auction here:

1 comment:

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Painting tiny is definitely a challenge (I've shied away from it, but when I mess with watercolors again, I've got some teeny brushes waiting to be used!).

Regardless, another beautiful mermaid painting, a treasure in anyone's collection!