Saturday, January 27, 2007

Night Mermaid

Okay, so I'm experimenting with a few subtle changes here.

This painting is all about things travelling visually north and south. The bluey purpley background is all vertical lines. The posing of her body is straight up and down.

One change is the flower garland. Instead of being the weightless free flowing decoration as it has been in other pieces, this time I decided to make it weighty and hanging straight down. Her hair, instead of dominating the composition by leading the eye in every direction is subtle and pinned up with a tiny pearl.

Overall I'm very pleased with this piece, I hope it does well at auction. You can find her here:


Deborah said...

Michelle, she's gorgeous! What a beauty...............

Penny Cork said...

She's beautiful! And, yes, you got the line... Sigh... So pretty!

Penny :)

Ivan Chan Studio said...


Ya got me again. *heart flutters*

By the way, wouldn't it be uber-cool to have your ACEO's on magnets? (Um...PRETTY PLEASE??? Jeez, if there's space in my tiny little home, it would be on the fridge--almost virgin territory!)

Promise me you'll think about it?

Take care,


Ivan Chan Studio said...


I just came back from eBay. Defeated. Twice.

However, I just wanted to let you know that this is such a breath-taking piece. I love the expressions--on her face and through her body; the composition is intriguing and arresting. The beauty is so tangible and ethereal at the same time.

I love how the hair is different from your other pieces, and also different from other mermaid works where the flowing hair is such a central feature.

And you know those flowers you paint always tug at me.

This painting is so full of grace.


Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Michelle, she is so beautiful!!! And I love your use of color in this one!

Michelle said...

Hmmmm... magnets you say? Don't you sell magnets now on cafepress?

I might have to ask you some questions about set up etc... but that is something worth thinking about.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Yes, yes, ask me about set up so you can sell magnets (and more!! imagine the card set...).