Sunday, January 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Goth Girl

This sultry lass is all about the stripe. I really enjoyed doing the super shiny highlights on this piece. I think her laces came out very well. This kind of detail is always quite fun for me to work on.

You can find her on auction here:


Penny Cork said...


Penny :)

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Stripes have always been my favorite! Great highlights btw!

Ivan Chan Studio said...


The lines--stripes--that you play with throughout this piece is mesmerizing and tantalizing. Well-done on the shiny highlights, too! They're inconspicuous yet register in the image.

I have to say, the laces are one of my favorite parts of this painting, too--their intricacy is sweetly captured!


P.S. Link! Link! :)

Michelle said...

Aw thanks everyone!

Ivan, you really got my back, don't you??? I think you remember my links far more than I do! Thanks.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

I was a psychopomp in my last life. :)

Take care,


Ivan Chan Studio said... art...


Pink Paris Match said...

Hey Michelle! Your art is so beautiful!!!!

I love this little goth girl!!!!

I'm working on my blogger! Miracle huh? LOL!!!

Can I put your link in my blogger?


Michelle said...

PPM - I've added your link to my sidebar. :) So happy you are blogging now!