Tuesday, February 20, 2007

3 New Goth Girls

I decided to try something a little different with these girls. I have this huge book called "The Grammar of Ornament - The Classic Encyclopedia of Design and Decorative Art" Its a reprint of a book that was first published in 1856.

Inside it is a like a Sears catalogue of little design motifs. Indian, Chinese, Greek... you name it. Bits and pieces of little lines of scrollery and swirls. A lovely big tome.

Anyways, I decided to jazz up the backgrounds with some inspiration from the pages of this book. Very challenging.

By special request, I have listed these on etsy first instead of ebay. We will see how they do over there.... hmm. Two are already gone! Wow!

Edited to add: okay, now they are all gone. LOL.


Penny Cork said...

Oh, dear! I'm not surprised that they went so quickly! I adore the expressive little faces that you create. And, the backgrounds are wonderful!

Penny :)

Garden Painter Art said...

Hi Michelle: I love your goth girls. They look so much like the girls that hang at my local mall!!

Would you care to exchange blog links?

Garden Painter Art

sadie pink said...

Your paintings are so dreamy, I could get lost in them! Great work.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Hurray for smart Etsy buyers! Congratulations! :)

These are all so gorgeous, and the designs in the background add to the dark sweetness of the goth girls.

My favorite one is the piece with the blue background, the colors in that one burn brightest on my retina (I'm playing favorites with colors).

These are sweet and hip--I can see these, along with your past goth girls, collected into a wonderful edition! :)

Take care,