Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Very Classical Looking Mermaid

With her soft curves and curly fringe this one almost has a Roman look about her. Add in those flower ornaments and it throws a nod into 20's wedding veils. LOL.

I like her expression. She seems very quiet and nice.

You can find her on auction here:


Ivan Chan Studio said...


Another beautiful work, and I love the reference to bridal veils of the 20's. The classicism of this picture is evident, and striking.

The flowers, colors, movement, lines--everything speaks to the feminine and watery nature of this mermaid.



Pssssst. Link!

Buttercup said...

Michele, I just found you from My Cup of Tea. I love this painting, the last one. Her face is beautiful. How can I get one?

Michelle said...

Hi Buttercup!

You can email me at m dot wiebe at shaw dot ca if you'd like to chat further!