Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another Spring Mermaid ACEO

She's pretty saucy. Thats what happens when I go and buy myself some fine tipped brushes!

You can find her here:


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I kept showing my spring mermaid to friends and going, "Can you believe she painted this? On this size?" I stare at it all the time and it makes my heart all fluttery and happy!

This is a delightfully saucy mermaid; your brushes are allowing your inner saucy mermaid to come out and raise a tickling eyebrow!


Michelle said...

LOL. Inner saucy mermaid.

Thanks for enjoying my ACEO - that means a lot you know!

Caylynn said...

Lovely! :) The texture of the water in the lower right hand corner is fabulous! :)

BTW, I just received a package of mail from my folks in Canada, and the copy of Dragonheart's portrait was in it. :) Thank you so much! I love it. :)

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Dragonheart's portrait?

Do share! :)