Friday, March 02, 2007

Black Iron Teapot

I've finally completed this iron teapot! I'm very pleased with the outcome.
This is basically a study of round edges against hard edges and cold white light against warm brown and red tones. I really enjoyed playing with the different surfaces.
I used a favorite textured technique with this, I find it a challenge to paint the image over all the bumps and ridges. When it comes time to do some shadows and highlights I do very light washes of colour over the ridges and that settles into the grooves creating a load of depth.
You can find it on sale here:


Garden Painter Art said...

This is amazing. Just gorgeous! The texture adds so much depth.

Garden Painter Art

M.Anderson said...

This is a really nice piece.

Michelle said...

Thanks so much to both of you!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Painting on such texture...! Wow. You do a fantastic job (I never had a doubt) and here you go again: I have a terrible weakness for teapots. I was just thinking today that I needed to paint some and then I pop over here and find that unnecessary! (I'd be spooked by coincidences if they didn't happen so often in my life!)

Anyway, this is beautiful--light plays like happy children in this painting--you make this black, iron thing dance so skillfully.

Sigh. :)


Chris said...

Beautiful! Seeing this teapot makes me happy. What a wonderful painting.

Don't stop what you're doing!! I want to see more!