Friday, March 23, 2007

Green Teapot

This is a teapot that I borrowed from my mom. It was a real challenge to get the milky designs in there!
I've been getting used to these 12" x 18" canvases and I really like the long lean shape - its really fun to compose the piece.
This piece isn't for sale online currently but if you are interested in more information, just contact me and I'll let know more!


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Ah, I am rewarded for checking back here. :) It's beautiful, Michelle!

I think the smallest size I enjoy working with is 12" x 16", but like you, the long shape is fun and conducive to how I like to compose things.

Recently, the larger works I've been doing on 24" x 30" canvases have really been speaking to me. I had so much trouble at first, but now I think I've found my soul mate in terms of canvases!

Take care,


M.Anderson said...

This is really lovely. When I work on canvas or paper I like the odd shape. It does make composing that much more fun.