Friday, March 02, 2007

Mermaid for Springtime

I just love the combination of a citrus lime colour against a lush pink. To me, it says spring is coming.
Of course, looking out my window at the fresh layer of snow, one would have to feel discouraged... but I choose to hope and dream that warmer days are coming.
You can find her on auction here:


Penny Cork said...

Aren't lime and pink so gorgeous together? With all of the gray and rain that we've had here, I could be charmed by a soft white blanket of snow... for about a day.

Penny :)

Caylynn said...

Beautiful! :) Definitely springlike. :) Once again, I'm impressed by the detail you can put into these tiny paintings. Lovely. :)

Garden Painter Art said...

What is it about pink and lime that is so charming to the eye?

This new piece is beautiful, as always!!

Brag, Brag: Sunny and 80 degrees here today!

Garden Painter Art

Ivan Chan Studio said...


I went to my postal box yesterday and found your lovely painting waiting for me! I showed it to everybody there. :)

Beautifully packaged (an extra treasure) and more stunning than I could have imagined it to be once it was in my hand, I'm grateful for your talent.

Thank you.

And YAY! My first art auction that I won!

Take care,