Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Commission on Adoption

This is a very special piece I was commissioned to do by a friend of mine who has 2 adopted children. Here is the story that prompted the image:

When we met R's birthmom, I asked her a lot of questions about her decision to place...why she wanted to do it...why she thought or knew it was the right she was feeling about it...did she feel pressured...had she explored other options??? I wanted her to know that I truly understood her thinking, her process, her loss...and also that I supported WHATEVER she would choose once R was born.

Well as we were talking, she said to me (as I recall it) 'The Lord talks to me in dreams. When I was wrestling with the decision of what to do with this baby girl, and we had come to the place of considering adoption, I prayed that the Lord would reveal to me what I am supposed to do. That night I had a dream where I was placing my baby girl into the arms of another woman and I knew that this is what He wants for us (her and R).'. I was absolutely floored by this beautiful articulate decisive woman who was being led by the Lord through a very tough situation and to think that *I* was that very lucky woman receiving her daughter in that vision. Wow, just wow.

Anyways, that visual of a birthmom placing her baby into the arms of another woman - or of two women holding the same child - has stuck with me - in fact it still brings tears to my eyes. For some reason I see it in lots of warm colors (reds and purples?) showing the love and the strength of that choice and that relationship.
The style of this painting reflects that dreamlike scenario. We worked together to show the joy on both mother's faces for this baby. Also, it isn't clear who is passing the baby or recieving it. Either lady could be the birth or adoptive mom.
Anyways, it was an honour to do this for my friend.


Shabby Cottage Studio said...

I really love this piece Michelle and after I read the story that goes along with it I loved it even more. I'm sure your friend adores it and will mean a lot to R as she grows and hears the story too.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

A dreamy, meaningful work--it's one of the purposes of art, to do what you have done: mark a moment that is life-changing, healing, and more.

Thanks for sharing this commission!

Take care,