Friday, May 04, 2007

A Quartet of ACEO, Mermaids and Goth Girls

The four ladies were so much fun to paint. I really took my time on them in between painting stuff for my client. I would just do some light washes and leave it.
You can find them on auction here:


Ivan Chan Studio said...

That mermaid up top is my faaaaavorite one.

Your work always makes me start with delight when I see it. It's a wonderful surprise, like walking below a tree and then suddenly being showered with blossoms.

Take care,


Deborah said...

Ivan is much more eloquent than I am, but ditto to what he said. It suits your work perfectly!!

Tony LaRocca said...

They all look so sweet. Good job

Caylynn said...

The mermaids look wonderful! So pretty. :)

Garden Painter Art said...


I am so sorry, but you are one of my 7 unfortunate victims. You've been tagged!

Come on over to my blog and check out the rules.

Garden Painter Art