Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Treat Bags

Those who know me or have purchased a few ACEO from me, probably know that I am a nut job for the crazy patterns found on origami paper. During a recent trip to Vancouver I made sure to stock up at my favorite Japanese $2 store, The Daiso.
Of course, having all this paper kicking around got me thinking of new ways to use it. These treat bags for my daughter's birthday party was one manifestation.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Ooooooh my gosh, I remember Daiso!! Especially the "call and response" they'd do in the store. "Welcome to Daiiiiiiso. Everything for two dolllllllars!" Or something like that. :)

Well, I can say as a buyer of one of your delightful ACEO's that I *loved* your packaging and the Japanese origami paper you used.

The neat thing, too, is that you keep collecting these papers, so your packages won't always stay the same. It'll be fun for your collectors to see what's next!

That and these cute treat bags are wonderful uses for the paper!

Take care,


MaryAnn said...

I want to go to that party! I want a goodie bag too! Nice idea to do for the party goers.