Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blue Dragon Bowl

I've used a colour I haven't used in ages and ages... ultramarine blue. The dragon bowl was a touch different from the other bowls in my collection. The colour just a little more vibrant - something I couldn't quite get right otherwise.
I thought about it and thought about it until I realized I needed a different blue and immediately dug around my paint box and fixed things.
If you look closely, there are hints of ultramarine in other places, so things are nicely balanced.
You can bid on it here.


Chris said...

Wowwy-wow-wow. That's really stunning. I love the oval/round shapes of the bowl and plate in contrast with the intricate details of the designs. Very well done. And I'll say again that you've got way more patience than I do.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Gorrrrrrrrgeous. Gorgeous. Did I say it was gorgeous? It's GOR-GEOUS.

And I love ultramarine blue! (If it's not obvious.) I think this makes your bowl both warm and cool, probably because of that hint of red in it.

There's a porcelain luminosity to this work that you've gotten so beautifully. Ah.

Take care,


Jessica said...

I've loved seeing your various bowl paintings, and I think this is my favorite! The detail, as always, is amazing. I was scrolling down looking at the pictures, and I gasped as I got to the last one - something about the composition really touched me.