Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Confessions of a Brush Killer

Long ago I gave up on using high quality brushes. Canvas and paint I always use an artist grade... but brushes, no. Dollar store for some mid size ones, fine liners are a splurge, but necessary.
I tend to kill them by either scrubbing them down to nothing on the canvas or I get distracted and leave them to soak by accident.
It doesn't bother me much when I do it to a $1.00 brush but when it happens to something I paid $8.00 or more to.... yikes!
My son's teacher loves me. I tend to give her fairly large used brush donations during the year. They can use the better ones for painting and the shabbiest ones for glueing things. I feel less guilty for my brush killing tendencies.


Ivan Chan Studio said...


You crack me up!! :)

I'm terrible about my brushes, too (so terrible, I stopped using them and just abuse my poor fingers!).

I have a set of sable brushes I haven't been able to bring myself to use, mostly because I've been working with oils and acrylics. I do love sable when painting with watercolors, though (not gouache)--such a gentle paint when it comes to brush abuse!

Have you tried Winsor & Newton's Brush Restorer and Cleaner? I use it as a solvent when I paint, and it's not only totally biodegradeable and non-toxic, it can also restore thrashed brushes!

Give it a whirl. You may make that dollar (or eight) stretch a little bit longer.

Although your son's teacher may take you off her pet list. :)

Take care,


Shabby Cottage Studio said...

LOL I literally have pots full of scruffy brushes just like those! ;-)

Deborah said...

I agree, I agree! 100% !!!

Confessions of a Brush Killer....hilarious!

mousewords said...

Well, I still have a brush with no bristles left on it. I use it for line work. :);)

None of my favorites have any enamel left on the handles, from all the soaking!

Keep mushin' brushes, Michelle, your paintings are beautiful!