Friday, July 20, 2007

More ACEO....

I bought more paper for ACEO's so I had to try it out! You can find these on auction here.
For those of you waiting for some canvas to be posted - no fear! I have a few items I'm working on that should be ready in the coming week.


Ivan Chan Studio said...


Always a pleasure to see more of your work (and in such abundance)!

I love how you use red, blacks, orange, and blue in your goth girl pieces here--everything is electric, and has a feeling of movement and drama.

The expressions on the faces are delightful as well! Pensive, surprised, coy, sassy--they're captured perfectly.

And of course, the flowers. :) On the dress, in the air, I know in real life the details of these pieces are stunning.

Looking forward to the canvas work, too! By the way, what's different about the paper you're using?

Take care,


Sarah said...

oh, I love the kitty & the mouse!

Jessica said...

Love the goth-y girls!

Ivan Chan Studio said...


I just picked up my mail and was thrilled to see your package for me--the ACEO of the fairy with the delphiniums.

IT IS GORGEOUS. Love it, love it, love it!!

Thank you. :)