Monday, October 22, 2007

Sneak peek - ACEO style in LARGE canvas format!

This is a commissioned piece from a client who first contacted me when he saw this piece up for auction. We share similiar tastes in music - the piece he wanted me to use is by a favourite artist, Nick Cave.
I am really enjoying the freedom that such a large canvas affords me. (24" x 36") I've been layering thin thin washes of paint and building an incredible amount of depth. Also, painting a portrait, a male portrait at that, is a really fun change of pace.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Plates Trio

Some regular readers might remember a piece that I did a few weeks ago, Plates and Sake Cup. Before I listed it, a collector contacted me and inquired about the possiblity of doing a grouping of pieces that interacted with one another based on this piece.
What emerged were three pieces talking about the identities of plates. The Peaches on Plate (12" x 12") shows plates as a functional vessel. The Plates and Sake Cup (12"x 18") demonstrates plates as circular forms. The Plates Pattern (24" x 36")explores plates through thier different patterns.
It was really enjoyable working large and also working in a series. I might explore this further...

Puppy Portrait - Final

We are done! I love how the fur turned out. It was a challenge to get the silkiness with the colour changes. I hope it is a well loved piece.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Angel Runner

I'm still here, I'm busy doing a number of projects - I will post them when they are completed.

One project has been designing this angel runner for a few uses, one as a bib to run in honour of a friends' husband to be worn October 14th, another has been for technical (sports) running shirts and a tote bag.

Monday, October 01, 2007

ACEO 188

Woo! We are approaching the 200 ACEO mark. I can't believe I've painted this many. You can find this pretty lady of the sea over here.

Puppy - step three

You can see that I've added more depth in the snow background and definition to the fur. This is going along quite easily. I'm really enjoying this piece!