Thursday, October 11, 2007

Plates Trio

Some regular readers might remember a piece that I did a few weeks ago, Plates and Sake Cup. Before I listed it, a collector contacted me and inquired about the possiblity of doing a grouping of pieces that interacted with one another based on this piece.
What emerged were three pieces talking about the identities of plates. The Peaches on Plate (12" x 12") shows plates as a functional vessel. The Plates and Sake Cup (12"x 18") demonstrates plates as circular forms. The Plates Pattern (24" x 36")explores plates through thier different patterns.
It was really enjoyable working large and also working in a series. I might explore this further...


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I'm glad you enjoyed working large, and I love that you show these paintings in a group (is that a wall in your home? marvelously decorated!).

It's nice exploring a theme in a series. For me it's like slowly solving a delicious puzzle.

Take care,


Jessica said...

Beautiful grouping!

Michelle said...

Thanks so much!

Joanne said...

I love these paintings. The colors, the graduated sizes of the plates, the detail on each piece - they are beautiful. I am positive your client will enjoy them for many, many years!