Friday, December 14, 2007

Five Things You May Not Know About Me

There is a little game being played right now around artists blogs and I was tagged by Chris Stott. After I answer its my turn to tag five other artists! Hee!

1. I have a serious dislike (some might say phobia) of talking on the phone. With the invention of email, I've pretty much arranged my life around this sad fact. If you call me, I'll talk with no issue. If I have to call you.... that takes a little more bravery on my part. I think it boils down to me feeling like I'm interrupting something important. Making appointments is a HUGE task.

2. I have one pointy ear and one regular ear. I'm either half vulcan or half elf. Depends on my mood.

3. I'm a runner. What an unusual thing in the art world. I picked up running a few years ago and while my talents are still in the studio, I get a huge sense of enjoyment from it. I've done one marathon, a couple of half marathons, trail races, 10 km races and a relay. I am slooooow.

4. I'm a baptised Mennonite. This is a funny one because when I tell people that, they picture me with a long black dress and a kerchief in my hair. I'm Mennonite Brethern though, its a lot more modern. Most people who know me probably wouldn't even realize that either.

5. To tie in the post above... I was seriously seriously goth in high school. Striped tights, black eyeliner, white face, black hair. I chuckle when I look at old pictures because I've changed so much - not quite so Siouxie Sioux anymore. Although I still wear a lot of black.

What a study in contrasts! Oh well.

Okay, in turn I tag.... Joanne Giesbrecht, Ivan Chan, Sarah Kincheloe, Garden Painter Art, and Moussart.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I'm the most fascinated with the Mennonite part. What defines your denomination and sets it apart?

Take care,


Melody said...

Hey Michelle...just discovered your beautiful work and your blog. Love it!

Jason Waskey said...

I have much the same issue with the telephone. Nearly exactly as you describe!

Sarah said...

you and your canadian spelling! i'm like, "what's a baptist mennonite??"