Monday, February 25, 2008


I've been finished this for a while but I'm really enjoying it on my wall at the moment so I wasn't in a huge rush to list it. It has a real Edward Hopper feel to it. How can it not?

I really wanted to apply the paint nice and thick to the canvas, so, no texture combing on this one. I wanted a real loose, clean painterly approach. A good workout for me.

You can find the listing here.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Ah, I knew my wait would pay off! :)

This is definitely Hopper-esque and I know what you mean about enjoying work on your wall (or easel) for a while before listing. Art afterglow!

Anyway, I love the soft colors and of course, your fine detailing (that sign is wonderful). It's such an emotionally rich work that I can imagine myself staring at it were it in my home.

Take care,


Joanne said...

Great depth of field in this painting, Michelle! I also like the atmosphere you have created here - it feels like night when the store has closed and the interior lights are still on, or a late night where very few people are out on the streets. Such a story with a few brush strokes! Such a lovely piece. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Alvin Richard said...

I was thinking Hopper as I was scrolling down on the images. The light is always the star in a painting like this. NICE JOB!

indiaartist said...

Wow, loved your koi pond, little girl and the dog. Love the texture too. Best wishes,