Wednesday, February 13, 2008


One nice thing about being a runner are the chances one gets to truly appreciate the simple beauty of your surroundings. Being a slow runner, I get longer chances to appreciate them. The photo for this painting was taken while I was on a run, I carry a cell phone with a camera for when the mood and lighting strikes.

Two things that I LOVE to do with a painting I did with this landscape. I love trees that are backlit and I love painting with white straight from the tube. (I think I heard an instructor or two fainting with the last statement). I had some fun with this one.

Anyways, you can find out more here.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

Ah! You love the same things I do! It's funny--I just reworked another painting of mine to emphasize the night-ness of it and added darkened hills; I didn't add those beloved backlit trees (or that lovely glow of the setting sun behind them), but as usual, your work inspires me to move forward with my own.

This painting is just wonderful! That you can extract such peace and beauty while running (and from a cell phone camera), I'm again impressed (I should just get used to it) and again, delighted.

Take care,


Joanne said...

Beautiful, beautiful colors and atmosphere in this painting, Michelle! You are coming up with "winners" one after another... can't wait to see what your next inspiration is!