Friday, February 01, 2008

Koi Pond

This painting is a birthday present for my mother. She is a HUGE collector of all things fish related, most specifically Koi. When I was growing up I remember lazing on the living room couch staring at this huge koi painting she had hung. I think I memorized every brush stroke of that painting (since I was often bored, in typical teenage fashion!)

This piece evolved from an outing we made for her birthday to Art Central. The original photo that this piece is based on was taken of thier koi pond. There isn't a lot of bright light hitting the pond so I was pleasantly surprised I came away with a few decent shots.

I have to say, I thought often of Ivan Chan's whimsical koi paintings while working on this!


Joanne said...

Michelle - this is absolutely stunning! I love the brightness of the colors of the fish and the details of their features. The darks under the fish set them off perfectly. This is my favorite painting of all you have done! I would love to have one just like this... lucky one receiving this beauty!

Ivan Chan Studio said...


I'm not only honored, I'm now wondering if I should stop painting koi and leave it to the master!

This blows my mind, Michelle--well worth the wait, and your mom--she's going to flip when she sees this. It's


Anonymous said...

beautiful work!
nice color and shapes