Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday - the Easter Eggs are Coloured!

Who would have thought that with a couple of elastic bands, star stickers, circular binder paper reinforcment stickers and some food colouring we would have ended up with this gorgeous assortment.

The kids were so fun this year because they were largely independant - they could be left to do whatever they pleased with thier half dozen eggs. So fun.


Ivan Chan Studio said...

I remember your Easter eggs from last year!

These are gorgeous!! (Will I ever tire of that word with anything you have a hand in?)

I'm glad the kids had so much (independent) fun!

Take care,


Veronica Funk said...

Love the colourful what do you do with them after Easter?

Michelle said...

Thanks Ivan! Posting our eggs have become a fun tradition.

Veronica, they ate them in the form of devilled eggs. I took a moment to pause on that menu choice on Easter Sunday, but they were delicious!

Amanda said...

What a cool idea! They look super pretty!