Saturday, April 19, 2008


For my regular readers - an apology for my long absence. April has been a nutty, nutty month.

One thing that I love about my job as a stay-at-home-painter-mom is flexibility. Some months I can do so many paintings and still have time to make bread and clean the house.

Other months... gah. I think every field trip known to mankind has been scheduled these past few weeks. I really really try to take the afternoon and use my flexiblity to share this part of my kids lives. I do wish that they had spread them out a little more this year.

Anyways. I have been painting (see above) and I've also been preparing some stuff to submit to some local shows and charity events. I had 5 pieces accepted to a juried art show coming up this May. I love that part of each sale is going to go to compassion projects in Africa and Central America. My friend, Joanne is going to have stuff there too!


Anonymous said...

I have been checking every day to see what you're up's good to see the craziness also inhabits your life and not just mine. I'm afraid you've got me addicted to blogging though I've been having a little trouble uploading and getting on sometimes, plus I noticed that my list of "inspirations" has disappeared. Have you ever had any trouble?

Michelle said...

I sometimes have issues uploading pictures, its my computer I think that does it. I can use my husband's laptop no problem.

I love peeking in on your blog - I've fallen so behind on comments and catching up on emails the past few weeks.

Thanks again for checking in so regularily!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Yay, you're back!


Michelle said...

Thanks Ivan. :)