Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This commission is one of those pictures that depending on your perspective and experiences you can have a totally different reaction than a person standing beside you. I always enjoy pieces like this - they ask the viewer to question the scenario and lets them come away with a pieced together event on how that scene came to be.

Who is this lady? How long has she been here? What sort of room is this? Did she consume the contents of the bottle? Why? Is she someone to love? Someone to hate? Someone to pity?

I really enjoyed painting her features, there are some complicated shadows and highlights that were challenging but I think well worth the result.

The overall size of this piece is 24" x 36" - quite striking in person.


Anonymous said...

Finally! It's great to see this posted. I really love the way the light from the window hits the subject.

Ivan Chan Studio said...

A powerful piece and I do read it a certain way (probably says a lot about me!). Emotive and immediate.

Take care,


Michelle said...

Thanks Veronica and Ivan! :)