Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Paper Cranes

Check out the crazy patterns on the paper!
Below are 200 cranes wrapped in bundles of 25, ready to ship.

I had a very special request recently. My sister is getting married this summer and she wanted to know if I could help with some decorations, specifically if I could fold her some origami paper cranes. 200 of them. Sadako would be proud.

At 2.5 minutes (approx) per crane my output was about 24 per hour.... so a little over 8 hours of folding time. I did it over this past weekend. I had a little help from my kids and my husband. They were eager to learn origami once I told them about sampans and water bombs.

I spent this time to be with my family and also to reflect on this wedding. I hope that they have a rich and rewarding marriage. They've been good for each other so far and I'm glad we are adding such a great guy our clan.

Once we were done we made some boats and floated them at the creek.

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Joanne said...

WOW!!! that was definitely a labour of love! They look beautiful - hope your sisterr appreciates how much time and effort you put into these creations. She is definitely blessed to have you as her sister.