Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sketchbook Landscape

Today we went to Irricana, partly to do some research, partly to take our dog for a walk. It was terribly windy and cold while we were out. I ended up in our car with some kids while the dog was entertained by a long game of fetch (by my husband who was smart enough to wear his winter coat)

While my kids read books, I decided to sketch the prairie before me, its been a while since I've used my sketchbook to record my surroundings. My favorite thing these days is to outline my shadow and then scribble in the value. I think I stole that from Egon Schiele... it may have been Gustav Klimt... it was somebody Austrian.

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Joanne said...

What were you researching in Irricana??? And why would you go anywhere in this country without a winter coat, regardless of the month? I take one in July during Stampede week - just in case! LOL
Nice sketch - will we see this in a painting some day soon???? :-)