Saturday, November 08, 2008

Peek in my Sketchbook: Skating Class

My daughter was born to skate. When I watch her on the ice, I see she is truly free. It was so funny, the first time we put skates on her, we were dreading the eventual falls, crying and resistance. Once we laced her up, we set her on the ice and waited for disaster. Her response was to effortlessly skate away. The very first time. A natural.
To encourage her in this, she goes to skating lessons every week. I have started to pass the time with my sketch book in hand. She was my model this time around. These are not the most polished sketches in the world, but they were really fun to do!


Ivan Chan Studio said...


Thank you for sharing your work, Michelle. It's always uplifting!

Warmest wishes,


Michelle said...

Thanks Ivan! Nice to see you. :)

Joanne said...

Sketches are meant to be unpolished, my friend! These ones are so SWEET... I think they would make great paintings - especially the one of her skating away. Everyone can relate to being on skates - it would strike a chord with all us Canadians, eh! (For me, it would be the pain of skating more on ankles than blades... lol) Nice to see that you are spending even those hours at the rink pursuing your passion!