Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just When I Thought I Was Finished - Prairie Landscape - step four

I was on my way to do a few little touch ups on the painting I had considered "mostly done" when inspiration hit. What followed was an unscheduled afternoon spent mucking about with big jar of gel and some semi transparent Kroma hues.

I'm having fun playing with opaque vs. transparent, matte vs. glossy. I've been studying the peach painting sitting in my office and figuring out a way to replicate some of the "happy accidents" that occurred when I was mixing a very opaque white (matte) with a semi transparent white (glossy) and the resulting depth that was created.

I like thinking in layers and placing foundation elements that get buried but are essential for texture or enhancing colour. Today I spent a good amount of time laying transparencies and additional texture by the spoonful to help create even more movement in this piece.

I'm hoping to grab a moment tomorrow to post the finished piece. I know I keep saying that but this piece keeps telling me to work more on it. Best if I listen.

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