Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Love Themes

I have decided that I work better when I have a schtick. This past week of sketches gave me a direct and easy purpose. A topic to discuss.

I think I will be looking at some regular posting themes as well as some new themes in paintings.

Long term followers will know that I love plates, patterns, fruit, goth girls, chairs and whatnot. Lots of little themes I fall back on. I think this is a year for strengthing a few themes and making them a stronger core to my work.

One thing I'd like to start blogging on is "Why You Should Buy Art Fridays". I think I will take a few weeks to explore this subject in the context of buying my art, buying original art in general and why this is important.

So! Keep checking back. I'm on a blogging kick right now and I've figured out how to use that feature that automatically publishes posts on a future date.


Anonymous said...'ll need to teach me how to post on a later date.

Michelle said...

When you are writing a post, you will see in the bottom left hand corner a little tab that says "Post Options" - go in there and change the date and time to what you want.

When you hit "Publish" a little message should come up and say that your post will publish on the scheduled date.

It is very handy - I can wrtie a week of blog posts in one sitting and just monitor comments during the week.