Thursday, January 08, 2009

Just a Doodle Today.

No time for painting yesterday, so I figured I would post a doodle I did manage to find time for. I was reminded of Alphonse Mucha so I put a reference in with the circle in the background.

I actually don't doodle that often. If I am listening, without having to make eye contact or if I'm stressed out are pretty much the only times. I used to doodle when I had to talk on the phone (partly for the stress of talking on the phone) but since we are no longer tied to the wall with that springy cord, I have not needed to doodle. I do housework or something instead.

As you can see with this, my whole aim with doodling is to fill up the whole space with pattern. The face is usually just a framework for spirals of flowers and an excuse for lavish curls and shadows.

Will be painting tonight though. I'm looking forward to making more progress.

1 comment:

Alvin Richard said...

I love your drawings. The simplicity of the face has a quality that is extremely appealing. Definitly has the mood of Art Nouveau movement. I am planning to do a pantry shelf later on this year, as you are currenlty working on right now. I will keep an eye on your progress.