Friday, January 02, 2009

On the Easel: Shelf - step one

This is taken from another one of my cell phone pictures - it is an 18" x 24" canvas. I've roughed in the objects, checked the ellipses and blocked in the colour.

Sometimes, things compose themselves. This past summer, we were wandering through some antique stores on Front Street in New Westminster, BC. I saw this shelf and had to snap a picture, everything was so organically arranged - I didn't touch a thing.

I've always loved arrangements of things, stacks of plates, a row of books - random patterns of colours and shadows speak very strongly to me. Giorgio Morandi was a master of this - his career was built out of the same little objects rearranged on the same little shelf. The trick to that of course is to keep your perspective fresh and not keep painting the same painting.

New Years for me is a little like this. I don't really do New Years Resolutions, I'd prefer to think of them as New Years Recalibrations. I look at the things that I do consistantly, look at how it went last year, think about the mistakes and successes and then plan for the coming year with all that in mind.

I like to try new things, but in the confines of things I do all the time. When I experiment in this small way, each exploration adds to the one before it and eventually I've made a lot of progress. So, instead of making promises I might not be able to keep, I'll just keep plugging away, exploring the things I already do, delving deeper and hopefully improving bit by bit. Have a great 2009!

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A! said...

You are a really good artist. I paint too and im pretty good but no where near as you are i really like the one with a woman and a dog its amazing. Good luck with your future masterpieces!