Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sketch Week - Car Keys

This is one of those "force yourself to do it" subjects. An exercise, something to tune up your muscles and make you look. Nothing romantic, not even a lot of personality.

Those things are good to do. Like I mentioned in a previous post, it is something where you draw what is right in front of you with the freedom of not being tempted to "draw what you think you know how to draw".

I kept this drawing loose, not too precise. I think it really works. There is a very accurate read of keys without the painstaking detail that I could be persuaded to do if it were a serious piece rather than a sketch.

In technical subjects I am constantly restraining my desire to draw every perfect angle and detail, instead of trusting the nuance of a brushstroke. I battle this because too much detail gives away the viewer's engagement in trusting that a daub of blue is a shadow of something around the corner. Spelling things out for people can take the vibrancy that comes with suspending one's preconcieved notions of what the world looks like and seeing it through the lense of an artist.

So back to the sketch. I like the outcome. It isn't an interesting subject, however the honesty and accuracy of this depiction balanced against suggestions of detail in the lines is well done I think. My one complaint is that I don't' know if the viewer realizes where the keys are grounded on the surface. I did the shadows as I saw them but I was fighting two light sources (which isn't always apparent). This could have been mitigated with a better, more calculated placement of the keys, but that wasn't my intention - I chucked them down and took out my pen.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts on details vs. nuance - please feel free to comment!

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