Friday, January 23, 2009

Sketch Week - Chair in Window

Okay, this is not a long laboured over picture. I like drawing chairs in my sketchbook. They usually have some pleasing bends, some solid shadows and some technical angles and such. I can usually loosen up with a chair subject because they sit so nice and still.

I chose this one because it has that 60's modern feel to it. In real life this chair was a deep brick red colour, that invited me to take closer inspection as well.

Unfortunately, this chair met an early doom much like the hand picture. I simply wasn't looking. My first sketch after a few days off tends to meet this fate. Almost as if I have to wade through all my preconcieved art notions in order to get to the meat of pen on paper.

So, I didn't pay attention to the chair angles when laying it out. This meant a lot of backtracking on the the left arm and the lower part of the seat. I find the arm awkward and distracting - I tried to hide it in the shading, but the angle is still a touch off. This is because I didn't pay attention to the left side while drawing the right side - the two never quite connected.

I like using the architectural elements surrounding in a slightly abstracted manner. In this case, the chair was in front of a large bank of windows. I just put the window shapes in to block out the area and left out the detail. The floor ended up the same way. I don't mind that. I always have a border on each sketch - it keeps me from going off the page and gives me a secure context to work in. This is just another way to do a border in my opinion.

Check back tomorrow for another sketch - this one I actually quite like!

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