Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sketch Week - Woman Seated Ahead of Me

By now, I hope you notice the hit and miss nature of my sketches. I am not perfectly polished with these, rather using them as a tool to materialize my thoughts into quick snippets I can come back to and build another idea from. I really wanted to show my readers a more vunerable part of my artwork because the flaws are not glossed over with a few layers of opaque paint.

In addition, my intentions here were to also show the self critique process I use when I look at my work. When you blog about pieces you have listed for sale, it can be self defeating to reveal what you see as imperfections to your potential buyers.

I find that often times, I wish I could discuss the developement of a painting with a bit more of a critical voice in order to solicit ideas and raise the bar of my work. I struggle with how that could be done in a blogging environment such as this which artists tend to lend support and affirmation only.

The written word can easily be misunderstood because it lacks the emotion and eye contact that you recieve when you "talk shop" with a fellow artist. Offering an alternative to how something could be depicted may come across as unintentionally harsh - so I also understand why this venue is not usually treated with commentary like that.

Anyways, the sketch above I think turned out accurate and I like the results. This is just an ordinary woman waiting for her child to be done with his sport. She is just sitting and engaging in casual conversation with another mother. I think there is an unspoken movement in this sketch as she looked forward at her child and paused in the conversation, only to turn back to her neighbour a moment later to continue discussing the price of sports equipment and how jam packed a Saturday can be with kids activities.

Thank you for tuning in this whole week - I hope you learned another dimension to my thought processes when working on my art.


Anonymous said...

Wow...I've been enjoying getting all these posts in my email inbox...look at you go. Like you're not busy enough these days. By the way, how was your test?

Michelle said...

It went well! Thanks for asking. I'm done with studying for the time being!

I'm glad you've been enjoying these posts - I've caught the blogging bug lately so I figure it would be good to do something about it!