Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sketch Week - Woman Slouching in Chair

More with the slouch. I tend to fall in love with an idea and then take it through a bit of an evolution. Different angles, different subjects same idea.

This girl did not exist in real life as depicted. Another reason why I chose to put up this drawing. Not for the merits of the sketch, but to discuss what sometimes happens when you are sketching. Especially some of the quirks that come with sketching in public.

I was sitting and scoping out my options for subject matter and I saw a sloucher. The problem was that it was clear that I was sketching something. I wanted to capture some of the slouch, but I was worried about her getting up and looking over my shoulder in passing.

My solution was to have a real good look at her with my pen down. Then I drew it in reverse. Then she left before I could get some good details in so I fell back on "drawing what I think I know how to draw" in order to conclude the sketch. In this case, that was a handy skill. I just needed to fit in the feet and there weren't shadows to worry about.

After I drafted my last details from her posture, I then made note of the surroundings that she had vacated in order to give context to the seated figure.

Great sketch? Not my best, however the story was a fun one!

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