Thursday, February 05, 2009

ACEO 189 - Revisiting my Online Roots

After a long break, I've decided to do the occasional ACEO. If you are just being introduced to the ACEO, I would suggest you take a moment to read this post.

The collector market for these can sometimes be a hit and miss proposition. ACEO are very time consuming, often not yeilding the profits in proportion to hours worked. Selling on a site such as ebay can take a low priced item and have the value raised enormously - it is always as valuable as how much the next highest bidder was willing to go.

Trends can come and go, and the artist is often at the mercy of the marketplace. Add in the potential for eyestrain and one might need to take a break from them - I know I did.

What I enjoy about ACEO are the whimiscal subjects that were my most popular, quick output (compared to a large canvas) and broad customer base - cheap postage and lower prices encourages people to collect a broad range of cards.

When I recently went out and purchased some Masonite board for my study paintings, I asked my husband if he could cut me some ACEO sized boards from the scraps. I have discovered that these are LOVELY to paint on - not too much tooth to the surface and able to take a lot more abuse than the 140lb watercolour paper I was using before.

Anyways, I will be trying to do these occasionally, I have a little stack of boards just waiting to be painted!

Fits in the palm of my hand perfectly!

I just love the thick black edge - so much more sturdier than paper ACEO!

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Joanne said...

You may start a whole new wave of ACEO's with this one done on masonite instead of paper! Love the color combination... so fresh and clean looking!