Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Painting Study: Apples on Square Plate

One thing I've noticed over the years - you can always tell what fruit is plentiful at the market by what you see listed on ebay and etsy.

Right now, have a look - you will see lots of still life paintings centered around apples and oranges. In a few months you will see tulips and crocus paintings... as soon as we see the fresh bounty of spring - it will be the subject of many paintings online.

You paint what you have - in this case I have lots of apples and oranges.

This plate is special to me too. One evening my husband went to the grocery store on a mundane errand. He came home with a little set of colourful melamine dishes. I think he knew that I would be thrilled and find a home in my crowded cupboards for this addition. He was right. My children were also very pleased with the square bowls and plates. The blue one above is particularly esteemed (and fought over).

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