Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Painting Study: Bird and Thoughts on Stained Glass

This little (6" x 6" acrylic on masonite panel) Birdie was an exercise for me in layout, lines and a variation of blue-y green values.

One day, when I have the time I would like to pursue stained glass. When I sketch or do this type of image, I find I am often connecting everything together in a way that is reminiscent of the soldered edges you would find in a stained glass panel.

My mind starts racing when I start thinking about the possiblities of translating my interests into this format. The challenge is not only in the design but in the cutting and piecing together.

I dabbled in it ever so slightly when in college - in order to supplement our meagre budgets some friends and I would get together and make little flowers out of broken coloured glass shards and wire coat hangers. They were quite rustic but they sold well enough. My friend (who owned all the stuff and was quite talented) would guide us on the assembly.

I never did enough of this to require much cutting or designing, but it was enough of a taste to keep me thinking about it for the last many years. One day I'll pick it up in earnest.

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Joanne said...

On my monitor, this little piece is greeny-blue... blue with touches of green, and looks great! So if it is bluey-green in "real life" and that looks great too, you have a double winner! he he