Sunday, February 01, 2009

Painting Study: Self Portrait

I did this portrait from a photograph - there is something about painting yourself not from a mirror that is confusing. This is not the face that I am aquainted with.

In some ways this can be good, it helps you to be objective and look at the details closely. In other ways, I still don't really know if it looks like "me". I got most of the major details right but I don't know if they are falling together in such a way that my essence has been captured.

Self portraits are tough, they are an honest accounting of where life is taking you. Every shadow and line should be referenced otherwise you risk making a likeness that is airbrushed and unrecognizable.

It is easy for a viewer to see where you place emphasis and can lead them to conclude you place more or less importance on some aspects of your appearance. I personally dislike being photographed so this was doubly painful in some ways. Oh well - all for the sake of developing my work.

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Sarah said...

I love it, but I don't know what you really look like.

I can imagine a self-portrait must be very difficult to do. Sometimes Aaron draws me and it's so horrifying because I dislike the look of my face, but it's nice to see that what one person sees as ugly can be beautiful to another.