Monday, February 23, 2009

Painting Study: Tomatoes on Floral Plate


These little painting studies have been really enjoyable for me. I'm starting to fall into a groove with them. I have about 3 days per week where I'm scheduling in a chunk of time in my afternoon to sit and complete a piece. This is in addition to sketching or working on larger pieces.

This year, I really have wanted to take 10 - 60 minutes per day (most days) to develop my work. There are of course days where I spend considerable amounts above and beyond that working on a piece, but this is a different sort of commitment.

I figure that if I take that 10 - 60 minutes and make it a priority on a day where I would normally say to myself "I have no time to paint" and do something (however small) it will begin to add up.

So while a painting study is a bit more than an hour to complete (remember, these are 6" x 6" so not a lot of real estate to cover) it fits into this concept of doing something (however small) in order to develop.

I have painted a lot more (small) pieces to completion this year because of this. I can feel my creativity mounting as I start viewing more and more mundane details as subject matter rather than just as my day to day surroundings.

Anyways, I had juicy tomatoes, I had a beautiful plate, I had a sunlight and I had an achievable goal. End result - a lovely little painting!

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